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Biden Getting Blackmailed By Who?

This is very scary.

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is escalating his strategy of “nuclear blackmail” against Western nations by vowing to deploy missiles in Belarus.

According to The Hill, The movement of nuclear arms, preceding an expected Ukrainian counterattack, is aimed at instilling fear of an intensifying conflict, as the United States and NATO partners contemplate equipping Kyiv with more sophisticated military hardware, such as contemporary fighter planes.

It remains uncertain whether relocating nuclear weapons to Belarus will have a significant impact on the war’s trajectory, but it demonstrates Putin’s desire to maintain the notion of a nuclear menace in the thoughts of Western leaders.

According to Anna Ohanyan, a senior scholar who is not a resident in the Russia and Eurasia program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the introduction of fresh military equipment in Ukraine is generating unease and apprehension in Moscow.

“So the nuclear option,” Ohanyan stated, “is really done as a way to enhance Putin’s power and compensate for [his] losses and inability to win on the battleground.”

During the weekend, Putin declared that his country would retain command of the short-range tactical nuclear arms in Belarus, an important ally of Russia situated to the north of Ukraine. He further stated that the development of storage facilities would be finalized by July.

The big question now is how President Biden will react to this news and what will he and other world leaders do?