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Disturbing Biden Video From The Oval Office

Disturbing Biden Video From The Oval Office


You won’t believe what Biden had his staffers do!

Reporters along with most of America was absolutely speechless when President Biden made his staffers literally get into a shouting match with reporters to get them out of the Oval Office before they could ask a single question during his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The situation was so jarring that Prime Minister Boris Johnson looked visibly concerned when Biden’s staffers began shouting at the top of their lungs to silence reports from asking a single question.

Funny enough, Prime Minister Johnson actually was able to take three questions from reporters however Biden refused to take a single one.

You can hear Biden’s staffers loudly shouting “THANK YOU!” and “LEGS GO!” over and over again signaling reporters to get out of the Oval Office.

Here is what Ed O’Keefe had to say:

Is Biden's Mental Health Declining?

O’Keefe further explained, “As Johnson finished his own answer to the 3rd question about his reluctance, senior White House aides began shouting, seemingly cutting off the PM. We were then escorted from the Oval Office.”

Adding, “As we were leaving, I asked the president for his reaction to the situation on the southern border. Due to shouting by White House aides, the noise of everyone leaving, and the president wearing his mask, we could not make out his answer.”

At this point it is becoming very clear that President Biden is hiding from the press because he does not want to get exposed for being the mentally unfit leader that he is.