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Musk Calls Trump What?


Things are getting ugly.

Not long after Former President Donald Trump and Billionaire Elon Musk got into a fiery show down on social media, other top CEO’s started to chime in with their two cents as well.

According to Insider, LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman jumped on the bandwagon with Elon Musk and took a brazen shot at Trump.

Hoffman rushed to Musk’s defense and said that he wasn’t surprised to see Trump attack Musk. Hoffman even went as far as calling Trump a “grifter” who was attacking a legitimately successful businessman such as Musk.


Hoffman took to social media and wrote, “Not surprised to see Trump’s attacks on @elonmusk. Elon’s a classic immigrant story — an entrepreneur with a real record of success. Started EV revolution w/Tesla, resurrected US rocket industry w/SpaceX, fighting climate change while promoting American innovation.”

Hoffman’s comments came after Musk told Trump to sail into the sunset and give up his 2024 presidential aspirations. Trump responded by saying that Musk was ready to “drop to his knees and beg” for help when he was the president.

“Trump, OTOH, is a spoiled rich kid who bankrupts everything he touches, including the US economy,” Hoffman added. “His career highlight was pretending to be a successful entrepreneur on a TV show, instead of being one in real life like Elon.”