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Top Republican Sides With Biden


This was surprising.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton surprised everyone when he sided with President Biden over his decision to let Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman off of the hook for the death of U.S.-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

According to Fox, Cotton explained, “What the administration decided this week in granting sovereign immunity to Mohammed bin Salman’ is in keeping with the practice and custom of lawsuits involving foreign heads of state.”

Cottons comments came after President Biden’s State Department said that the Saudi leader had sovereign immunity from U.S. courts over Khashoggi’s killing.


Cotton agreed with that ruling and said it “would have been a major break from those customs to not grant that kind of immunity.”

“What I would say is Saudi Arabia is far from the world’s worst abuser of human rights,” Cotton added. “You look at what’s been happening in Iran for the last three months, for instance, and the way they’ve massacred protesters in the streets or what China does to harvest organs or to commit genocide against religious and ethnic minorities.”

Cotton added that Saudi Arabia was the United States’ most critical security partners even though they do not see eye-to-eye with American values.

He then said, “What matters most about governments around the world is less whether they’re democratic or not democratic and more whether they’re pro-American or anti-American. The simple fact is Saudi Arabia has been an American partner going back 80 years.”