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BREAKING: Biden Exposed In Shocking New Video

BREAKING: Biden Exposed In Shocking New Video


What is Biden doing?!?

New video has just surfaced of a whopping 8,000+ migrants standing under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas waiting to be released into the United States has just gone viral and President Biden isn’t doing anything to stop it!

Reports indicate that the number of migrants has doubled in less than 24 hours and most of them are from Haiti.

The situation has been labeled “out of control” and thanks to President Biden, Border Patrol doesn’t know how to handle it.

According to Fox News, yesterday there were only about 4,000 migrants under the bridge and in a matter of hours and number has DOUBLED jumping to around 8,200 migrants and more keep coming by the second!

What’s worse is that most, if not all, of these migrants are unvaccinated and Biden will release all of them in various parts of the country likely causing a surge in COVID-19 cases.

If this wasn’t already bad enough, rumors are circulating that another 20,000 migrants are “on the way” most of them being from Haiti while others are coming from Cuba and Venezuela.