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Does The Media Give Biden A Free Pass?

Does The Media Give Biden A Free Pass?


Does The Media Give Biden A Free Pass?

WATCH: Biden CRACKS On Camera

President Biden has done it again! Biden has somehow managed to once again embarrass himself and the United States while the rest of the world continues to laugh at us.

This time Biden appears to have completely forgotten the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a video call with him and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

During a call regarding advanced defense tech sharing, Biden completely forgot the name of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and said, “I want to thank that fellow down under. Thank you very much, pal.” The clip has already gotten nearly 200k views on Twitter and Democrats are trying to sweep it under the rug.


Humiliating. At this point the real question is how much longer can House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chuck Schumer and other top Democrats continue to deny that there is something seriously wrong with feeble Joe Biden?