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Democrats BEG For Help

Democrats BEG For Help

Democrats have become brazen!

Welp, we always knew the mainstream media was working for the Democrats. Sadly, things have gotten so bad now the Democrats are actually asking the mainstream media to help SELL President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda to the American people!

In a recent news conference, House Democrats blatantly asked the media to stop talking about all of the infighting going on within the party and help them by changing their strategy and educating the American people about the “good things” that are in the two bills.

According to Fox News, Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu claimed it would be “helpful” for the media to write more about what exactly is in the bills.

“We’re also in a really different information ecosystem than we were in even a decade ago,” Lieu stated.

He then said, “And we do, in part, rely on all of you to convey the truth and actual facts. And if you all want to write about this amazing tax cut for families and children that’s really transformative, that would be really helpful.

Then Rep. Joe Neguse, D-Colo., shared a similar sentiment and said, “Most of the coverage right now and the better part of the last few months has been on process, which of course, makes sense because we are engaged in a complex legislative process to get these bills across the finish line. But that, in some respects obfuscates away from the substance of these incredibly important, consequential pieces of legislation that will have lasting impact on the American people and American families.”