This would be a disaster!

One of the worst mayors in New York City’s history, Mayor Bill de Blasio, appears to now be eyeing a run for Governor in the state of New York. De Blasio’s possible run had already drawing backlash from people across the country.

According to Newsmax, de Blasio who appeared on CNN said, “I filed papers for a state committee. It’s not a gubernatorial committee at this point. It’s a committee, New Yorkers for a Fair Future. I’m going to focus on the issues of this state and this city and where we need to go going forward. You know what’s happened in New York State the last few years. Unfortunately, a lot of corruption, a lot of scandal, a governor who resigned in disgrace.”

de Blasio then appeared to make his first promise to clean up New York and said, “There’s a lot that needs to be fixed in the state of New York. And I’m proud of what I’ve done in New York City – you know, pre-K for all our kids, lots of more affordable housing, a lot of police reform, and now a tough stance on COVID that helped us become one of the safest places in this country in terms of fighting COVID. I want to keep serving the people of this city and this state.

CNN’s John Berman then told de Blasio that it sounds like he is trying to run for Governor.

de Blasio replied, “Draw your own conclusions, John.”

de Blasio has been one of the worst mayors in New York City’s history and there is currently a crisis with garbage is piling up on the streets of NYC because workers don’t want to obey de Blasio’s vaccine mandates.


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