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Vaccine Mandate For Kids

Vaccine Mandate For Kids


This is insane!

Just when we thought these Democrat tyrants couldn’t about Americans any further, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has just announced a new measure that will FORCE ALL private company employees to be vaccinated on December 27th.

What’s even worse is that de Blasio is also forcing ALL Children five years of age and older to take the vaccine if they want to eat at restaurants.

What has President Biden said about this radical new mandate? Absolutely NOTHING yet.


According to Axios, de Blasio’s mandate will force over 184,000 businesses to vaccinate their employees. They will not be allowed any testing options.

We are unsure if President Biden had any say in the decision yet, however de Blasio also is now forcing children as young as five to show their proof of vaccination if they want to eat in restaurants.

These kids will also need to vaccinated if they intend to participate in activities such as sports, band, orchestra and dance. Mayor de Blasio referred to the move as a “preemptive strike” to stop the spread of covid.

President Biden must step up now and stop Mayor de Blasio from doing this to the residents of his city.