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Breaking: Trump Charged With Fraud


Here’s what happened…

Far-left Democrat and New York Attorney General Letitia James has just filed a civil lawsuit against against former President Donald Trump for what she claims is “inflating his assets.”

Letitia James has been turning over every rock and has worked incessantly since she came into office to find something she can accuse Trump of.

According to CBS, James is claiming that Trump purposely manipulated his property valuations. James is suing Trump for $250 million and is demanding that the Trump family end all of their operations in the state of New York.


James unveiled a 221-page complaint filed against Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump and others and are accusing them of creating a scheme to enrich themselves by raising their property values.

One example James provided in her lawsuit was a dozen rent stabilized apartments in Trump Park Avenue which she claims was worth under a million dollars in valuation. James is claiming that Trump’s company filed that those properties were worth several millions of dollars which in actuality were worth just $750,000. These are all accusations and have yet to be proven by anyone.


What’s disgusting about all of this is that Letitia James has made it her personal life’s mission to destroy Donald Trump and his family since 2018. A video from 2018 shows James saying that Donald Trump will know her name personally and she will find something no matter what to sue Trump for and overwhelm him with legal troubles.

Warning graphic language: