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Biden Family In Hiding?

This is very strange behavior.

President Biden and his family are currently maintaining a low profile this week at an upscale residence located on the shores of Lake Tahoe in Nevada. This retreat comes in the midst of an ongoing special counsel investigation involving his son.

According to information from the White House, the Bidens have opted to rent a lavish $18 million property owned by Tom Steyer, an environmental activist, entrepreneur, and former Democratic presidential candidate. The rental is taking place at a fair market rate for a duration of nine days, serving as a vacation following President Biden’s recent visit to Hawaii, where he assessed the aftermath of the devastating wildfires.

According to Fox, accompanying President Biden on this vacation, which commenced on Tuesday, are his spouse, first lady Jill Biden, their daughter Ashley, and their son Hunter along with his wife Melissa Cohen. Also part of the vacation are Biden’s grandson Beau, as well as several grandchildren.

It remains uncertain whether any guests will be joining the Bidens during their stay. The family’s legal situation hangs in the balance as special counsel Andrew Weiss continues his inquiry into the activities of the president’s son.

Inquiries about potential visitors to the presidential family were met with a response from a White House spokesperson, who conveyed that records of visitors have historically not been maintained at the residences or accommodations used by the first family during travel. This practice, the spokesperson noted, aligns with the approach taken during the administration of former President Obama.

Recently, misdemeanor tax charges against Hunter were dismissed by a federal judge in Delaware. This action was anticipated after his earlier “sweetheart” plea agreement fell through in July during his initial court appearance in the matter.

Following the dissolution of the plea agreement, Biden entered a “not guilty” plea as federal prosecutors confirmed that he remains under investigation. The original plea deal would have entailed his admission of guilt to two misdemeanor tax offenses related to willful failure to remit federal income tax. This arrangement was conceived as a means to avoid imprisonment in connection with a felony gun charge.

The responsibility of special counsel in this case was assigned to Andrew Weiss by Attorney General Merrick Garland earlier in the current month.

Conversations and negotiations between Weiss and Biden’s legal representatives are ongoing, primarily focused on a diversion agreement that pertains to the felony charge. This agreement, if reached, could lead to Hunter evading incarceration. Weiss has indicated that he may potentially pursue a trial against Biden in the future, with trial locations under consideration being Washington, D.C., and California.