This will be the election of a lifetime.

As of right now, Liberal mainstream media is claiming that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is up double digits in the polls against President Trump.

Now, its has been revealed that Biden’s campaign is in a full blown panic after they coyly told reporters on a private zoom call that Trump is just within one state away of winning the election.

According to Breitbart White House Correspondent Charlie Spiering, “Director of Battleground Strategy Nick Trainer tells reporters that Biden campaign just outlined on a zoom call that said Trump was within one state of winning.”

The fact that they have admitted such a profound piece of information to reporters is a clear indication that they are extremely worried behind closed doors!

The Gateway Pundit is also reporting that all eyes are currently on the state of Pennsylvania because its Biden’s only shot to reaching 270.

Currently Pennsylvania state officials have allowed for the counting of ballots for up to 3 days after the election raising concerns of foul play.

Do You Think There Will Be Election Foul Play?


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