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Maxine Waters’ Sickening Attack On Black Voters

Maxine Waters’ Sickening Attack On Black Voters


Democrats are as racist as they come.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s “The Joe Madison Show,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) called black Americans “shameful” for planning to vote for President Trump on election day.

She also insisted that she “Will Never Ever Forgive Them.”

According to Breitbart, during her interview Waters stated, “I don’t even know where any Blacks would be coming from that would be voting for Trump. It just hurts me so bad to see Blacks talking about supporting Trump. I don’t know why they would be doing it. I don’t know why it is on their minds. But if we don’t turn out this vote and turn it out huge, this man could end up winning again. This country would go backward. The divisiveness that this deplorable human being has caused, the confrontation, the dog-whistling to the right-wing, the white supremacists, the KKK, and they are coming alive. They are emboldened because they have a leader.”


Waters then said, “He’s a racist. He does not have any appreciation for Black people and Black women in particular. He talked about us so bad. He talked about John Lewis so bad. He talked about Cummings so bad. He has no respect for us. He is not doing anything for us. For those black young men who think somehow they can align themselves with Trump, not only are they terrible mistaken, any of them showing their face, I will never ever forgive them for undermining the possibility to help their own people and their own communities.”

Adding, “It is absolutely unconscionable. It is shameful, but if they would spend some time with us, we would help them to know what we’re struggling for and how they would be able to help us in this struggle.”

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