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VIDEO: Schiff’s Lies Comeback to Haunt Him


Schiff is either insane or a complete fraud.

Conservative Congressman Adam Schiff faced a wave of criticism from conservatives on social media on Wednesday. He suggested that Republicans are eager to impeach President Biden without concrete evidence. Schiff, representing California’s Democratic party, made these remarks in response to murmurs from GOP members about potentially impeaching President Biden over alleged connections to his son Hunter Biden’s business affairs and alleged payment arrangements.

According to Fox however, Schiff’s comments were met with widespread derision on social media, with many pointing out his past support for impeaching President Trump twice and pushing the Russian collusion narrative, both of which were debunked.

Former GOP Congressman Doug Collins took to Twitter to mock Schiff, recalling his statement about “collusion in plain sight” regarding Trump and calling him a “joke.” Conservative commentator Graham Allen also criticized Schiff for the impeachment of Trump over a phone call, while defending their stance on having evidence of bribery.

Roger Stone, a former Trump adviser and political operative, called Schiff a “lying con artist” and demanded prosecution for treason.

Notably, Schiff was censured by the House of Representatives in June for propagating unproven claims of Trump’s 2016 campaign colluding with Russia. The censure, which lacked Democratic support, made Schiff the third House member to receive such a censure since the year 2000.