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Proof: Democrats Hate America


Democrats are putting all their eggs in Biden’s basket.

A coalition of Democratic governors is optimistic about their ability to support President Joe Biden’s reelection in the upcoming year, despite the president’s current low approval ratings. Recently appointed as the chair of the Democratic Governors Association, Governor Tim Walz (D-MN) believes that governors can contribute to Biden’s success by highlighting the positive outcomes in their respective states linked to Biden administration policies.

Walz emphasized the administration’s achievements in infrastructure and the CHIPS Act, asserting that governors can effectively convey these successes to voters. Some incumbent governors have proposed organizing ceremonial events like ribbon-cutting and groundbreaking ceremonies to showcase the connection between infrastructure projects and job creation. Additionally, Governor Walz suggested using signage to inform voters about the funding sources for new infrastructure developments.

Governor Roy Cooper (D-NC), who is ineligible for reelection due to term limits, plans to emphasize the disparities between Trump and Biden when campaigning for the next Democratic gubernatorial nominee. He pointed to Medicaid expansion in North Carolina as a success under Biden’s leadership, contrasting it with what Democrats claim Trump aims to dismantle.


Democratic governors, known for their popularity, also possess an advantage in terms of age, with many being considerably younger than the 81-year-old President Biden. Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ) recommended embracing Biden’s age with humor and highlighting the wisdom associated with it.

The governors’ confidence in supporting Biden’s reelection aligns with the 11 governor races scheduled for the next year, including challenging contests in North Carolina and Washington. Despite defending their positions, Democrats see an opportunity to gain a governor’s seat in New Hampshire, where the current Republican governor is retiring.

Republicans currently hold a slight numerical advantage in governor’s mansions, with 26 under GOP control compared to 24 held by Democrats. The GOP is confident that they will maintain their majority in the upcoming year, citing concerns about Biden’s age and unpopularity at the forefront of Democratic tickets. Republicans view the Democratic Governors Association’s efforts to promote Biden’s policies in various states as aligned with what they perceive as a problematic national Democratic agenda.