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Democrats Create ‘Unbeatable’ 2024 Duo


You won’t believe who they are thinking.

Former President Donald Trump’s senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis believes that the Democrat Party is considering former first lady Michelle Obama and California Governor Gavin Newsom as 2024 presidential nominees to replace Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

According to Newsweek, Ellis did not mince words and simply wrote, “More documents found in Biden’s home. They’re taking him down. Michelle and Gavin in the wings,” on Twitter.

Ellis later explained that Democrats can simply no longer consider Joe Biden as presidential heading into 2024 after the bombshell classified documents scandal unfolded.


She went on the explain that Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom might be better candidates that could gain a lot of support.

Ellis added, “Joe Biden has been an utter failure and increasingly showing signs of mental competency, so the Democrats know they cannot possibly run him again in 2024. He has become a liability to their party. The timing, scope, and handling of the classified documents found in multiple locations raises a lot of suspicion and questions.”

“It seems like the perfect way to push out Biden while simultaneously using ‘similar’ classified document findings and ‘equal treatment’ by the DOJ as a pretext to try to take down the far bigger enemy: Donald Trump. It’s no secret that the Democrats are considering Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom for 2024,” Ellis said.

A number of Democrat voters have said that they want Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom in 2024. It is unclear if Michelle Obama wants to run however Newsom is aiming to be a career politician and will likely challenge Biden in 2024 with or without Obama.