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America Faces Border Invasion


This is terrifying.

Out on a desert in west Texas, a massive tent which is larger than a football field currently is being used by the U.S. Border Patrol agents to prepare for an unbelievably amount of migrants who are about to cross the southern border.

According to Newsmax, as of right now the Supreme Court prevented Trump’s Title 42 from being repealed however it cannot stay in place forever.

The massive tent has now been prepared to take an unprecedented influx of migrants in preparation for the expiration of Title 42 and President Biden and the Democrats aren’t doing anything about it.

El Paso’s Democrat Mayor Oscar Leeser explained, “It’s still going to get worse before it even gets better, and that’s what we’re preparing for. That’s what I call the unknown.”


El Paso Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino added, “As we know [Border Patrol’s] CPC, central processing center, has a capacity of 1,400; we know that their breaking point is 5,000. With this surge, they know that they will not be able to hold it.”

Government officials believe that more than 20,000 migrants are waiting in Mexico preparing to cross soon as Title 42 is lifted.

Texas National Guard’s Maj. Gen. Ronald “Win” Burkett noted that they have already moved “400 people to El Paso, over 40 vehicles … in 72 hours” to prepare for the massive surge of illegals.

President Biden and the Democrats cannot let this issue go on without stepping in however neither Biden nor Kamala Harris have taken the issue seriously.