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Obama Insider Forces WHAT On Americans?

Obama Insider Forces WHAT On Americans?


Here’s what we know…

During a recent interview with MSNBC, Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett called for making the COVID vaccine mandatory.

According to Breitbart, Jarrett stated, “I’m all for mandating it. I know in this country, it’s hard to mandate things. I think what we can do is say, look, if you want them to make their own decision, fine, but we’re not going to let you come to sporting events or schools.”

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell then asked, “What about mandating it for healthcare workers?”

Jarrett replied, “Absolutely. I am all for mandates, particularly for people who are interfacing with the public. The only way we can contain this disease, we know, is with vaccinations. So for public health workers, of course, they should be vaccinated, and for people working in our restaurant, of course, they should be vaccinated. I take a pretty hard line in terms of the mandates.”

Adding, “We’re saying if you want to be a part of this society, our responsibility is to keep it as healthy as possible, take the vaccine.”


Mitchell followed up with, “What do you think about what the NFL is doing?”

Jarrett replied, “I’m all for it. I agree with the doctor, mandate it, but short of that, you have to create both carrots and sticks.”

Adding, “I think it is now time for us to take firm measures and try to get as many people vaccinated as possible, and where appropriate, there should be a mandate.”

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Image credit: National Review