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Americans Prepare For War?


This is terrifying.

It’s hard to believe this is even happening right now.

A number of America’s biggest states are now warning residents to begin preparing for a “nuclear emergency” relating to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s constant atomic threats.

Some experts on the other hand are saying that these messages to prepare are overblown and unjustified.

President Biden and the White House haven’t told Americans to prepare for anything relating to nuclear activity however some states are doing it anyway.

According to Newsmax, New York and New Jersey have began deploying their own public service announcements to prepare Americans for a possible nuclear attack on the United States.


New Jersey public buses has started displaying transit ads with messaging that say “Do you know what to do in a radiation emergency?”

The ad then said, “go inside, stay inside, and stay tuned for news updates.”

Similar ads like this have been spotted in New Jersey shopping malls and in New York City subways.

President of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Dr. Jane Orient condemned the ads and said, “These ads are likely to cause panic, but lack the most basic information that could save millions of lives outside the zone of complete destruction.”

Furthermore, New York’s video PSA says something similar and ask, “So there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why, just know that the big one has hit. OK? So, what do we do?”

It is not known if these ads are needed or even necessary to be posted on buses, subway stations or on t.v. station however experts like Dr. Jane Orient strongly believe these ads are causing more panic than providing accurate and reliable information.