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Bad News For GOP


Republicans shouldn’t be over-confident.

New polling information is now showing that Democrats in Congress are once again gaining voter trust as we get closer to the midterm elections. Democrats are gaining support even though President Biden has some of the lowest approval ratings ever.

According to The Hill, a new Morning Consult-POLITICO poll found that congressional Democrats have been gaining quite a considerable amount of voter trust regarding several key issues over the past several months.

Shockingly, Democrats have gained trust for key problems such as the handling of immigration, gun policy, inflation and the economy. While it is shocking to believe that Democrats have gained this support it’s important to remember that far-left liberals will turn up in droves to support the Democrats no matter what.


Democrats are still behind Republicans on issues such as inflation and the economy, however voters are still showing trust to the left.

Currently 55% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats admit that taxes and jobs are still some of their top concerns.

25% of Democrats have also admitted that Women’s issues will influence their future votes regarding topics such as birth control and abortion.