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Biden Bashes America


This is proof that Biden is a terrible leader.

In a move that has angered people across the country, President Biden decided to flip on the American people and is now blaming poor airport management on everyone else except his own administration.

Did President Biden forget that his recent infrastructure bill put priority over trains in an attempt to push greener energy?

According to Breitbart, Biden scolded Americans and said, “America invented modern aviation, but we’ve allowed our airports to lag behind our competitors.”

Um, whose fault is this exactly? Oh yea, that right, it’s your fault Joe!

President Biden’s insane comments came during his visit to Logan International Airport in Boston where he tried to promote more government infrastructure spending.


Biden then complained about how no airports in the United States were ranked as one of the best in the world. “Today, not a single solitary American airport, not one, ranks in the top 25 of the world,” Biden said.

He then shouted “What in the hell’s the matter with us?!”

Biden then recalled when he visited LaGuardia airport and noticed a broken escalator. “There was an escalator, this is God’s truth, going up to the gates, and it said, quote ‘Out of order, will be fixed in two months,’” President Biden explained.

Biden then complained how international travelers often go through LaGuardia and are forced to see America’s poor airports.

“We wonder why folks in China and others think we’re a spent economy. I thought to myself, this is the United States of America.”

Have President Biden and the Democrats forgotten who is currently in control of the House, Senate and Presidency? These are problems they should be fixing not trying to blame Americans or the people who run these airports.