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Biden Gives Billions To America’s Enemy?


Is Biden crazy?

The Biden administration, particularly through the State Department, is reportedly in the process of considering the issuance of a waiver to Iran. This prospective waiver seeks to grant Iran access to an additional $10 billion in funds that were previously frozen, and notably, these funds are currently held in Iraq. This development raises significant concerns, especially in the wake of recent events.

According to Town Hall, preceding the October 7th attack orchestrated by Iran-backed terrorists, the Biden administration unfroze billions of dollars for Iran. This action was part of a contentious prisoner swap arrangement, and it has been a subject of scrutiny in light of subsequent events. In the aftermath of the deal, Iranian proxies have persisted in launching attacks on both Israel and U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East. These attacks have resulted in the injury of numerous American service members, prompting heightened scrutiny and criticism of the Biden administration’s approach.


According to reports, the proposed waiver, set for potential approval on Tuesday, would essentially extend the existing multibillion-dollar sanctions relief that was initially issued in July. This relief, set to expire soon, allows for the transfer of frozen electricity payments from Iraq into Iranian-owned bank accounts in Europe and Oman. The renewal of this waiver is now sparking concerns among observers who fear that the Biden administration might be inadvertently facilitating financial avenues for Tehran, particularly at a time when the country’s terrorist proxies continue to sow chaos across the Middle East.

Richard Goldberg, a Senior Advisor at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and an expert on sanctions who has previously served on the White House National Security Council, expressed his apprehension about the situation. He pointed out the inconsistency in the administration’s approach, stating, “The world is living in a post-Oct. 7 world, but the White House is still running an Oct. 6 policy toward Iran.” In reference to the recent attack, Goldberg questioned the rationale behind allowing Iran access to more than $10 billion, especially considering their sponsorship of one of the most significant terrorist attacks against American citizens and the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. He emphasized that freezing all these accounts would be a more logical and prudent course of action to prevent funds from falling into Tehran’s hands.