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Biden Celebrates Massive World Failure

Biden really has the nerve to celebrate doing absolutely nothing!

President Biden proudly highlighted the concrete achievements of his recent trip to Israel as he returned to the United States, openly acknowledging the inherent risks associated with the visit.

According to The Hill, in a candid conversation with reporters aboard Air Force One during a refueling stop in Germany, Biden remarked, “Look, I came to get something done. I got it done.”

What exactly Biden got done is still up for debate. This terrible tragedy happened under his leadership and if it happened while Trump was president, the media would of had a field day.

“If I didn’t — wasn’t able to make it into Israel … I’d get it done,” Biden foolishly doubled down. “Not many people thought we could get this done, and not many people want to be associated with failure.”

Biden revealed that extensive deliberations took place among his advisers before committing to the trip to Israel.

The President’s journey to Israel spanned roughly seven hours, with a focus on Tel Aviv, following a series of terror attacks that resulted in the loss of over 1,400 Israeli lives. Gaza had also witnessed a substantial number of Palestinian casualties due to subsequent retaliatory strikes.

During his visit, Biden met with Israeli leaders and engaged with the local community, demonstrating strong support for the nation. Regrettably, his planned visit to Jordan, where he intended to meet with Jordanian, Egyptian, and Palestinian leaders, was canceled due to a hospital explosion in Gaza.

Nonetheless, Biden announced an agreement to permit the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza through the Egyptian border, along with a commitment to provide $100 million in aid to assist affected and displaced individuals in Gaza and the West Bank.

The President disclosed that he had a phone conversation with Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi while on Air Force One to secure an agreement allowing up to 20 trucks of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

In the coming days, President Biden is scheduled to deliver a prime-time address addressing the conflicts between Israel and Palestine, as well as the ongoing situation in Ukraine. It is anticipated that the White House will request significant funding from Congress to support both Israel and Ukraine.