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Biden Divides The Nation


Biden is a joke.

A new report from Politico has just been released which claims that President Biden is planning on changing his game plan and will no longer try to work with Republicans because he believes they are engaging in “obstructionism.”

According to Fox, Politico’s John Lemire claimed that Biden’s “efforts at bipartisanship have finally taken a backseat.”


Lemire then claimed that Biden has been working so hard to get along with Republicans that even Democrats have grown frustrated with him. Lemire explained, “To the frustration of many Democrats and some of his closest advisers. President Joe Biden has steadfastly spent more than a year in office insisting on trying to work across the aisle with Republicans.”

Lemire then explained, “Now, more than a year later, Biden no longer believes that most Republicans will eventually drop their fealty to Donald Trump and show a willingness to engage. He himself admitted he was wrong.”

It appears that Biden will now go on the offensive and begin using his executive power to come after the Republican Party.