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Biden Doomed

Biden Doomed


Biden’s ship has a lot of holes in it.

In a shock to Biden and the Democrats, a new poll from left leaning Politico shows that a 51 percent of Americans now disagree with the statement: “Biden is capable of leading the country.”


What’s even worse is that 37 percent of Americans have given Biden an “F” compared to 31 percent who gave him either an “A” or “B” for just his first year.

Furthermore, President Biden was given a “C” from 18 percent and “D” from around 12 percent of voters.


Only 2 percent of people decided not to give Biden a grade at all.

In Politico’s poll they were forced admit that Biden ended his first year in office with his lowest approval rating to date of just 40 percent. Keep in mind that the true number could be much lower since Politico is a left leaning media organization however the fact that even they are giving him a negative approval rating speaks volumes.

While Republicans easily gave Biden a bad rating, many were shocked to learn that a majority of independents also gave Biden negative reviews.

Over 85 percent of Republican Americans give Biden either a “D” or “F”.

Surprisingly, Biden’s views from both men and women were similar, something that does not happen often to presidents.