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Biden Caught Trying To Frame Trump


Hopefully voters see through these disgusting lies.

President Biden’s campaign launched a series of aggressive ads targeting former President Donald Trump in New York on Thursday. The ads depict Trump, the leading Republican candidate, as having a history of anti-Black sentiment, coinciding with his scheduled rally in the Bronx.

Trump’s visit to the Bronx, a traditionally Democratic stronghold, aims to engage Black and Hispanic voters who form a significant part of the borough’s population.

In anticipation of Trump’s rally at Crotona Park at 6 p.m., Biden’s campaign launched a strategic TV and radio advertising campaign. These ads highlight Trump’s controversial comments about the “Central Park Five” case, where five Black teenagers were wrongfully convicted of assaulting a woman in Central Park. One of the ads, titled “Contempt,” features a clip from Trump’s 1989 interview with Larry King, where Trump expressed his animosity towards the teenagers. Additionally, Trump’s full-page newspaper ads from that era, calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty, are also highlighted.

Yusef Salaam, one of the exonerated members of the “Central Park Five” and a current New York City councilman, contributed a statement for Biden’s campaign. In it, he condemned Trump and urged Black and brown communities not to be complacent in the upcoming election. Salaam emphasized the importance of voting to prevent Trump from returning to office, stressing the impact on the future of the nation and its children.


The ads also accuse Trump of racial discrimination in the 1970s, aligning with white supremacists in Charlottesville, and having authoritarian ambitions if re-elected. The 30-second ad is strategically targeted at specific zip codes in the Bronx and New York, and will also air in key locations like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Macon, Milwaukee, and Detroit.

This offensive from Biden’s team comes amid rising support for Trump among Black and Hispanic voters, with recent polls showing Trump garnering up to 23% support from Black voters – a significant figure for a Republican candidate since the Civil Rights era.

In parallel, Biden’s campaign is running a 60-second radio ad in swing states, featuring a Black Trump supporter who changes his stance to support Biden after reviewing Trump’s history with Black Americans.

Trump’s campaign has dismissed these ads as a desperate move from Biden’s team. Janiyah Thomas, Trump’s Black media director, argued that Biden’s campaign is attempting to manipulate Black voters while failing to address the negative impact of Biden’s policies on the Black community. She highlighted Biden’s role in the 1994 Crime Bill, which she claims disproportionately affected Black communities with harsh sentencing laws and higher incarceration rates. Thomas further criticized Biden’s policies for driving Black families into poverty and increasing insecurity, contrasting this with the perceived better conditions under Trump’s administration.

Additionally, the Trump campaign pointed out Biden’s past controversial remarks, including his infamous comment that Black voters who don’t support him “ain’t Black.”