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Biden Gets Abandoned By Liberal Media

Biden Gets Abandoned By Liberal Media


Sorry Joe!

It appears now that even the liberal mainstream media can’t defend President Joe Biden and are beginning to put the pressure on his administration for answers!

CNN’s Brianna Keilar turned the heat up on Biden’s administration and sadly they still don’t have any answers for us.

In transcript provided by the Gateway Pundit, after playing a clip of Biden claiming that Americans stuck in Afghanistan aren’t having trouble getting through the airport, Keilar asked, “Alright, so we know that’s not true. We know there are many instances where that has not been true and the Pentagon has acknowledged that as well. We also, you know, he also said that Al Qaeda is gone from Afghanistan. But of course, from the UN, from the joint chiefs, we know that is also untrue. Why is he misleading with his words here?


Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan replied, “First of all, I reject that characterization with respect to Al Qaeda. Right now our intelligence community does not believe that Al Qaeda in Afghanistan represents a threat to the United States homeland – that’s what the president was referring too.”


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Image credit: MinnPost