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Biden Prepares For Impeachment

Bye bye Biden!

As per a report from Politico, the upcoming vote to formalize an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden’s alleged influence peddling has met opposition from only one Republican House member, Representative Ken Buck of Colorado. According to Politico’s whip count, Buck stands as the solitary GOP lawmaker against the vote. However, there is a shift among other members who were initially undecided, with several now expressing support or indicating a likelihood of backing the vote.

Discussing the distinction between the inquiry and the actual impeachment process, Representative Doug LaMalfa of California emphasized, “This is an inquiry, not the actual impeachment. Therefore, we should allow it to proceed, continuing to pose questions and subpoena witnesses.”

Politico notes the delicate situation for Republicans, with only a three-vote margin for error, especially among members from battleground districts who remain cautious about endorsing the formal inquiry. Approximately six GOP members, as reported by the outlet, are either undecided or unwilling to disclose their positions.

CNN reported that some Republicans shifted their stance to support the inquiry after the White House deemed subpoenas from three House committees illegitimate without a formal vote authorizing the inquiry—a argument reminiscent of former President Donald Trump’s stance during his 2019 impeachment.

Representative Don Bacon of Nebraska, who changed his position, explained, “The president is stating that he won’t provide information until we have an inquiry, so I shifted from a ‘no’ to a ‘yes.'” He emphasized the need to obtain information before the November elections.

Representative Marc Molinaro of New York, who remains undecided, issued a warning to the White House, stating that they should honor committee subpoenas and participate in the investigation. He expressed openness to the next step if it is necessary for oversight.

House Republicans believe that a floor vote will strengthen their position against the White House and reinforce subpoenas to Hunter Biden and other witnesses, as per CNN. House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana confirmed last week that an official impeachment inquiry vote would take place this week.

Addressing moderate members, Johnson stated, “All the moderates in our conference understand this is not a political decision. This is a legal decision. It’s a constitutional decision,” as reported by Roll Call. He emphasized the focus of the vote on fulfilling their legal responsibility.

GOP lawmakers in districts won by Biden reportedly face pressure, with the Congressional Integrity Project, a liberal nonprofit organization, launching an ad campaign urging moderates to shift their focus away from the “evidence-free impeachment of President Biden” and concentrate on pressing issues such as healthcare and the cost of living, according to Roll Call.