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Biden Retaliates Against China

Here’s what happened…

In what may or may not have been a retaliatory move against China, a U.S. Navy Plane was spotted flying over the South China Sea before it received a threatening radio message from the Chinese military to turn back.

According to Fox, someone from the Chinese air force ground station told the U.S. Navy P-8 plane, “No approaching any more or you will pay full responsibility.” 

Then almost immediately a Chinese fighter jet brought itself to about 500 feet away from it’s left wing however the U.S. Navy plane did not back down and continued on its path for approximately another hour before leaving their airspace.

U.S. Navy surveillance aircraft Capt. Will Toraason explained, “Typically we don’t get a response, sometimes we’ll get nonverbal responses. But overall we’re trying to encourage a safe and professional encounter while we’re both operating in international airspace.”

Cmdr. Marc Hines added, “Since I’ve been in the Navy, going on 18, 19 years now, I can tell you there is a dramatic change over that span, specifically the South China Sea.”

This confrontation between the United States and China comes soon after China decided to fly a spy balloon over the United States before being shot down. This is yet another event that could soon be leading the United States into World War III and the world is watching these events very closely.