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Biden Shows Severe Sign Of Mental Decline

Biden Shows Severe Sign Of Mental Decline


This is getting really bad…

During a recent press briefing on Friday, President Joe Biden showed signs of severe mental decline when he accidentally admitted that he didn’t remember meeting with Afghanistan’s president just a few days ago!

According to Trending Politics, during his press briefing Biden shockingly admitted, “And I think I met with the Afghan government here in the White House, in the Oval.”

Biden met with Afghanistan’s president Ashraf Ghani on June 25th. How could he have possibly forgot in such little time?


If that wasn’t bad enough, agitated Joe Biden then snapped at reporters and told them to stop asking him questions about Afghanistan because apparently it was the “Fourth of July.”

Sadly, Biden thinks that any questions asked by reporters are “negative” questions. LOL!

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Image credit: Washington Times