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Biden Officially Submits To China

You won’t believe what Chinese President Xi Jinping just told Biden.

During a recent meeting in San Francisco on November 15, Chinese President Xi Jinping conveyed to President Joe Biden that China intends to reunify Taiwan with the mainland at an unspecified time, according to sources from NBC News.

Emphasizing a peaceful approach, Xi assured Biden that China’s preference is for a peaceful reunification rather than resorting to force.

While Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen revealed on November 20 that the leaders remained at odds over Taiwan’s status, President Biden reiterated the unchanged U.S. policy concerning Taiwan.

The meeting, attended by around a dozen officials from both countries, took place during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Contrary to some predictions by U.S. military leaders, Xi refuted claims of any specific timeline for taking Taiwan, dismissing the suggested years of 2025 or 2027.

Additionally, Chinese officials sought a public statement of support from Biden for China’s peaceful unification goal with Taiwan before the summit, a request that was declined.

The timing of Xi’s message coincides with Taiwan’s upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections on January 13, heightening tensions amid increased military pressure from China. President Tsai Ing-wen urged voters to recall the situation in Hong Kong and expressed the desire for dignified peace over a Hong Kong-style arrangement.

Notably, Xi had previously stated at the Chinese Communist Party Congress that military action would be taken against Taiwan if it declared independence with foreign support. However, some experts argue that attacking Taiwan in the absence of a declaration of independence is unlikely due to the potential economic repercussions for mainland China. Experts suggest that a military conflict could hinder China’s economic goal of doubling its economy’s size by 2035.