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VIDEO: Corrupt Judge Does The Unthinkable During Trump’s Hearing


This is infuriating.

The civil fraud trial of former President Donald Trump in New York drew attention on social media when the presiding judge, Arthur Engoron, was captured on camera smiling for a moment as the proceedings began. This incident triggered a wave of criticism from conservatives online.

According to Fox, social media users, including Article III Project founder and president Mike Davis, expressed their outrage, characterizing Judge Engoron as a partisan Democrat and labeling his behavior as disgraceful. Others, like Greg Price of the State Freedom Caucus Network, criticized the perceived lack of seriousness in the courtroom, likening it to the erosion of democracy. Trump adviser Stephen Miller lamented the situation, while Rep. Andrew Clyde called it a “kangaroo court” operated by the Democratic Party.

Author Julie Kelly expressed concern about the state of the judicial system, and Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, referred to it as a “show trial.” The New York State Office of Court Administration declined to comment when contacted by Fox News Digital.

Prior to entering the courtroom and during a lunch recess, Donald Trump remained defiant. He dismissed Judge Engoron as a Democrat operative, deeming the court proceedings rigged. Trump also criticized Attorney General Letitia James, calling her a radical-left attorney general. He argued that Engoron displayed contempt for the court system and suggested that the judge should be disbarred and potentially face criminal charges for interfering with an election.

Trump’s legal team had previously highlighted Letitia James’ promises to pursue legal action against him if she were elected. James, upon entering the courthouse with her legal team, asserted that justice would prevail and accused Trump of fraudulently inflating the value of his businesses and net worth, emphasizing that no one is above the law.