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Democrats Prepare To Dump Biden


Will they really dump Sleepy Joe?

In a recent interview with Fox News, former adviser for Bill Clinton and pollster Mark Penn alerted the American people that the Democratic Party knows President Biden is holding them back.

Penn explained that Biden has lost most of his likability within the Democratic Party and most Americans see him as a detriment to the United States. Penn along with several top experts strongly believe the midterms are going to be a disaster for the left as well.


In transcript provided by Fox, Penn explained, “I think the president has lost one of his key attributes, which was always likability. Whether people favored his policies or not, he did have this image of being a kind of likable Uncle Joe. You know, ice cream Joe kind of friendly. And I think he’s lost that. I think it’s been replaced by a kind of sterner, angrier figure who can now generate numbers like this.”

Penn added, “Look, all pollsters agree right now the president’s underwater. Inflation, crime, immigration, these are core issues handling foreign affairs. Look, I think the president took a big hit on the way he handled Afghanistan. Does he seem compassionate to people now? You look at the war crimes being committed, is he seen as the kind of president who can rally leadership around something like that?”

The left is failing tremendously and President Biden has been essentially taking orders from far-left liberals such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They may just throw him under the bus after they see how badly they lose in the upcoming midterms.