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Liz Cheney’s New Career After Being Fired


This is hilarious.

Republican traitor Liz Cheney attempted to destroy then-President Donald Trump by doing a number of wrongful things and even voted to impeach him. Cheney became such a big problem in the Republican party that she ended up getting voted out of Congress because the American people grew to hate her.

Now it appears that Liz Cheney has been forced to accept a new job at University of Virginia.

According to Breitbart, the University of Virginia Center for Politics has confirmed that they have fired her and she will now work as a “professor of practice” at the university. Whatever that means.


The former Wyoming lawmaker turned RINO is expected to start her job immediately and has agreed to a contract to work there until the fall semester.

It’s important to remember that Cheney lost her election to Republican Rep. Harriet Hagemen who former President Donald Trump personally endorsed.

After accepting her new job, Cheney told NBC, “Preserving our constitutional republic is the most important work of our time, and our nation’s young people will play a crucial role in this effort. I look forward to working with students and colleagues at the Center to advance the important work they and others at the University of Virginia are doing to improve the health of democracy here and around the world.”