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PROOF: Biden Targeted Donald Trump

This is not a good sign.

Ever since former President Donald Trump was shockingly raided by the FBI at his home in Mar-a-Lago, President Biden has claiming that he had absolutely nothing to do with the raid and even suggested that he didn’t know it was going to happen.

Now new information has come forward which raises a lot of doubts about how much influence President Biden actually had in the raid of Trump’s private residence.

According to Newsmax, it has now been learned that some high-ranking FBI officials actually spoke out against raiding Trump’s home when President Biden’s DOJ ordered the raid.

The Washington Post found that while there were¬†several top-ranking government officials that supported a raid of Trump’s home, multiple FBI officials said that it shouldn’t be done and it quickly grew into a “tense showdown.”

FBI Washington field office head Steven M. D’Antuono is reported to have been completely against the raid of Trump’s home. D’Antuono even went as far as admitting that raiding Donald Trump was unnecessary and excessive. Furthermore, D’Antuono said he was not going to raid Trump’s home unless he was directly ordered to do so and he wanted to reach out to Trump’s lawyers first.

What’s even more chilling about all of this is that D’Antuono is quoted by the Washington Post of actually saying out loud “We are not the presidential records police.

Furthermore, when D’Antuono asked if Trump was officially the subject of a criminal investigation, counterintelligence chief Jay Bratt responded “What does that matter?”