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Democrat Caught Planning Attack On US State

Democrat Caught Planning Attack On US State


You won’t believe what was caught on camera…

In a shocking move, Democratic Congressman Tom Malinowski of New Jersey was just caught on camera with several other Democrats planning to withhold critical disinfectants from the state of Kentucky to force McConnell into giving them what they want on the upcoming Coronavirus bill.

According to the Gateway Pundit, the National Republican Congressional Committee immediately released a statement to Democrat Malinowski for his unspeakable actions.

“While Americans are putting their political differences aside to work together, @Malinowski admitted he’s fantasized about withholding Coronavirus-killing disinfectants from Kentuckians to stick it to Mitch McConnell,” the NRCC wrote.

In the shocking clip, Malinowski said, “Fun fact about Somerset County, uh, we make 100% of the national supply of Lysol disinfectant. I thought about using that with, like, Mitch McConnell — like hey, you know, we’re gonna hold up the Lysol to Kentucky until you pass our…bill.

Then other Democrats who were also on the conference call responded by giving a ‘thumbs up’ after Malinowski’s comments.


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