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Democrats’ Worst Nightmare Wins Big


She’s coming back!

In more bad news for Democrats, it looks like highly popular Republican Sarah Palin is one step closer to making her return to American politics.

According to ABC, Sarah Palin successfully advanced through Alaska’s statewide primary for the special election for the lone House seat in the state.

After succeeding, Sarah Palin took to social media and wrote that she was “looking forward to the special general election so we can highlight our ideas for fixing this country.”


Palin further explained that she was “responsibly developing Alaska’s God-given natural resources, getting runaway government spending under control [and] protecting human life.”

Palin says she strongly supports America’s Second Amendment and will fight for gun rights.

Sarah Palin was a former Governor of Alaska and has a lot of political knowledge and experience. She also unsuccessfully ran for Vice President of the United States and currently has a very close relationship with former President Donald Trump.