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Democrats Throw Biden Under The Bus

Democrats Throw Biden Under The Bus


Biden is drowning in his own failures right now.

Democrats and the mainstream media hated former President Donald Trump but now are quickly learning just how bad of a president Joe Biden really is.

Things have gotten so bad that now Democrats are basically asking Biden to shut up and let someone else handle Afghanistan!

Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) said just that when she hinted that maybe President Biden “will move away from the microphone” because “it’s really important that we get consistent information” about the crisis in Afghanistan.

In a transcript provided by Breitbart, Wild stated, “The president’s communications have been less than reassuring, quite honestly. I have been privy, as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, to briefings by Gen. Milley and Secretary Austin and Secretary Blinken, which, quite frankly, have shed more light on the subject. And I hope that the president, quite honestly, will move away from the microphone, and I know he’ll be criticized for not communicating. But right now, I think it’s really important that we get consistent information. But more than anything else, I think it’s important that we are on the ground and getting these people out.”

Rep. Wild isn’t the only on who has abandoned President Biden, CNN is also turning their back on sleepy Joe.

Watch CNN’s Jake Tapper humiliate Biden:

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Image credit: New York Post