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New Photo Proves Biden Humiliated America

New Photo Proves Biden Humiliated America


This is such a shame on our great country.

If Biden giving back Afghanistan to the Taliban wasn’t bad enough, a new photo is quickly circulating the internet which deeply hurts the soul of every America-loving patriot and it’s all thanks to President Biden.

According to Fox News, the Badri 313 Battalion, which is a Taliban fighting unit, decided to mock America and put on U.S. military gear and recreated the famous World War II photo, Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. 

Badri 313 Battalion soliders are seen hoisting up their Taliban flag (left) similar to the six U.S. Marines who raised the U.S. flag on Mount Suribachi (right) down below:

While there are more horrible things going on in the United States and across the world right now, it deeply hurts to know the President Joe Biden allowed our iconic history to be made a mockery of by the rest of the world.


Here’s another image of these Taliban fighters dressed from head to toe in American gear:

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Image credit: BBC