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Did DeSantis Take A Cheap Shot At Trump?


Here’s what happened…

The mainstream media sure knows how to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Liberals on Twitter and in the mainstream media are now gossiping about a slip up made by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and are saying that he was taking a shot at former President Donald Trump.


As you may already know, Hurricane Ian is headed straight for the state of Florida and DeSantis held a press briefing to discuss the current situation and how officials will prepare for damages.

During the press briefing, DeSantis stated, “We know that [Hurricane Ian] is gonna have major impacts on Florida’s golf course … Gulf Coast.”

Now liberals are claiming that DeSantis was actually taking a swipe at Trump and mocking him for his passion for golf. Rumors are currently circulating in the media about Trump and DeSantis potentially getting into a fiery 2024 battle for the Republican nomination.