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DeSantis Locks Down Florida


Was this the right move?

In an attempt to keep Floridians safe, Governor Ron DeSantis signed several new laws to keep illegals out of Florida and prevent them from filling up local neighborhoods like the rest of the country.

According to Newsmax, DeSantis made three important changes that will keep Florida safer.

First, DeSantis called for the creation of a strike force which will be tasked with stopping human trafficking, human smuggling, and transporting illegal weapons throughout the state of Florida.


The second measure which DeSantis accomplished was to file a petition with Florida’s Supreme Court to create a panel that will thoroughly examine human trafficking.

The third measure by DeSantis was to sign “sweeping” legislation that stops Florida residents from aiding and assisting “secretly” resettled illegal immigrants into the state of Florida.

After signing these measures DeSantis stated, “Illegal aliens are being smuggled across the border in record numbers, which the reckless policies of the Biden administration facilitate.”

DeSantis added, “Today, Florida has taken additional action to protect our state from the effects of what is a full-fledged border crisis.”