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Disgrace! Trump’s Own Family Calls For His Arrest

Disgrace! Trump’s Own Family Calls For His Arrest


What won’t some people do for money…

In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show,” President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, who has already made a fortune of spreading unverified claims of racism and bigotry against President Trump, admitted that she wants to she the president indicted over deaths caused by the coronavirus.

According to Breitbart, Mary Trump stated, “If you have it in your power to save somebody’s life but stand by and do nothing, isn’t that negligent homicide or something like that? If you are actively withholding personal protective equipment from a state because a governor isn’t nice enough to you and people end up dying, how is that not a crime?”

She then said, “I think we’re at this point where the executive has so much power, especially when one party predominates, that it’s as if anything goes. There’s no accountability, and there’s literally no reason for him to stop doing what he’s doing. Which is why when we get out of this nightmare, there has to be a reckoning like we’ve never seen before in this country.”


Obeidallah then asked, “And when you say a reckoning, do you think Donald Trump should be charged with crimes for his handling of COVID-19 crisis?”

Mary Trump replied, “Yup, I do. I believe that he needs to be indicted for his financial crimes at the state level. I think everything needs to be looked into because part of the problem with Donald has always been that he’s allowed to get away with the small stuff, and it just snowballs over time.”

Adding, “It matters that he violates, and his children and everybody else in the executive branch violates the Hatch Act.”

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