CNN is going to have to pay a massive sum for their despicable lie

After years of countless abuse from the liberal mainstream media, Republicans are finally punching back and it couldn’t have come at a better time! From trying to harass, impeach, and even imprison Republicans, it’s good to see that we won’t take it anymore!

According to the Washington Times, Nunes has just issued a massive lawsuit for a whopping sum of $435 Million against CNN for, what he called, a “demonstrably false hit piece” which said Nunes flew to Vienna to find incriminating evidence against 2020 Presidential Hopeful Joe Biden in 2018.

Reports indicate that Rep. Devin Nunes, along with the lawsuit, called CNN “the mother of fake news,” and that “CNN is eroding the fabric of America, proselytizing, sowing distrust and disharmony. It must be held accountable.”

Should CNN have to pay of for their TOTALLY false story about Nunes? Let us know in the comments below…

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