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EPIC: Watch Trump Silence Lunatic Reporter

EPIC: Watch Trump Silence Lunatic Reporter


When will these people learn?

Today, President Trump made an unscheduled appearance at the White House press conference for the coronavirus and thanked leaders of different states and well as Vice President Mike Pence for their hard work.

Then ABC’s Kelly O’Donnell, like the rest of her mainstream media colleagues, tried to ask President Trump a moronic and childish question about shaking hands and quickly regretted it.

According to the Gateway Pundit, O’Donnell asked, “You’re sending mixed messages.  When watching you, you shook hands with people yesterday. You have talked about five million tests being available. We probably won’t need that many. Has your own sense of urgency evolved? And are you changing what you’re doing?

President Trump replied, “No, I’ve been urgent. This is urgent for me frankly right from the beginning. You know that because I closed off our country to China.”

O’Donnell then childishly asked, “But why are you shaking hands, sir?


President Trump calmly replied, “Because it almost becomes a habit… And…”

O’Donnell then interrupted, “But, you…”

President Trump, bothered by her incessant pestering said, “Wait a minute.  Wait a minute. Just take it nice and easy.  Just relax.


There you have it folks, these liberal reporters are like a pack of wild hyenas. They just won’t stop! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: New York Post