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Fox News CEO Secretly Backstabs Trump

This is not going to end well.

While Fox News avoids speaking negatively about former President Donald Trump, Fox boss Lachlan Murdoch has been saying the absolute worst things about Trump in private.

According to CNN, Murdoch has openly bashed Trump a number of times and said that he strongly disagrees with Trump’s actions. Murdoch has even gone as far as saying that if Trump was to run again in 2024 he thinks it would be bad for the United States.

Murdoch is also displeased with how Fox News viewers continue to stand in support of Trump. He knows that he must allow Fox News to stand in support of Trump because it would be bad for business if he attempted to lift Fox’s support of Trump especially in a time like this.

When multiple news agencies reached out to Fox News about Murdoch’s distaste of Trump, Fox refused to comment on the matter. Everyone from the New York Times to the Washington Post has reported about Murdoch disliking Trump however Fox News chooses not to address the matter.

While Fox News cannot turn their backs on Trump, some clever individuals such as Republican traitor Liz Cheney has capitalized on the matter. Cheney continues to purchase ad buys on Fox and has even gone as far as using her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, to help herself get re-elected.

Republican voters aren’t like Democrats, they have a very strong loyalty to Trump and many other America-first Republicans. They will not let Fox News or Lachlan Murdoch change their opinions because they already have a deep mistrust of mainstream media.