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Governor Discovers Biden’s Secret Border Plot


What is Biden really trying to do?

Getting Democrats like President Biden to do their job honestly and for the betterment of society is like pulling teeth.

Never every Republican leader in America and even some Democrats have been begging President Biden and the Biden administration to do something to fix the border crisis.

After years of outrage and complaints the Biden administration finally decided to unveil their new “plan” to fix the border and are calling it the latest border initiative to fix the souther border crisis.

Now it appears that Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has discovered that President Biden’s new “border initiative” will not actually fix anything and will actually attract more migrants to the border causing even bigger problems.


In transcript provided by Fox, Abbott explained to the American people what Biden’s new border plan will actually do.

Abbott explained, “As that program goes into place, my analysis and the analysis of others, that that is actually going to increase the number of people coming across the border. The reason, because the Biden administration is basically granting parolee status to these people who are coming across the border illegally. And all that will do is to spur even more people to rush the border, thinking that they, too, will get parolee status.”

Abbott then explained that Biden was indirectly trying to break federal laws and said, “But to be clear, what the Biden administration is doing is flat-out contrary to federal law. Federal law does not allow this mass parolee process that requires any president executive branch to issue parole on only a case-by-case basis. And so we, the state of Texas, we filed a lawsuit to put a stop to this program by the Biden administration because it is clearly, unequivocally against the law.”

If you thought that the southern border was going to be fixed during Biden’s time in office you are dreaming. The best options Americans have now is to wait until 2024 and hopefully new leadership takes over.