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Hillary Picks Fight With SCOTUS


Why does she think she is still relevant?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has recently joined the chorus of voices calling for the establishment of an “enforceable” code of ethics for Supreme Court justices. Clinton made her comments during a conference for the non-profit organization she co-founded, Vital Voices Global Partnership, which aims to empower women leaders around the world.

Clinton’s call for a code of ethics follows a series of ethical controversies involving Justice Clarence Thomas, including his failure to disclose gifts he received from a billionaire real estate developer and his alleged conflicts of interest. In her remarks, Clinton pointed out that lower courts, circuit courts, members of Congress, and candidates running for office all have enforceable ethics codes, but the Supreme Court does not.


According to Clinton, it is unacceptable that the highest court in the country should be exempt from ethical standards that apply to other branches of government. She argued that a nonpartisan code of ethics would ensure that all justices are held accountable for their actions, regardless of their political affiliations.

Clinton’s comments add to a growing debate over the role of ethics in the Supreme Court. While the Court has traditionally been viewed as an independent and impartial institution, recent controversies have raised concerns about the need for greater transparency and accountability.

It remains to be seen whether Clinton’s call for an enforceable code of ethics will be heeded by the Supreme Court or Congress. However, her remarks are likely to add momentum to the growing movement for greater ethical standards and transparency in government.