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Jan 6 Committee Drops Investigation


Here’s what happened…

The Jan 6th House select committee has decided to drop their subpoena against the Republican National Committee (RNC) and software vendor Salesforce for an investigation related to fundraising emails the party sent before the capitol protest.

According to The Hill, the RNC and Salesforce were recently told that the Select Committee was dropping their subpoena because they believe the information they hoped to attain is no longer relevant to their case.

What a joke. The entire Jan 6th House select committee is irrelevant.


“Given the current stage of its investigation, the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol has determined that it no longer has a need to pursue the specific information requested in the February 23, 2022 subpoena that it issued to Salesforce,” Douglas Letter, the House general counsel, wrote.

Salesforce owns the platform that the Republican National Committee uses to send their emails.

The Select Committee believes that the RNC sent emails to raise money from Republican voters by pushing claims that the election was tainted by massive voter fraud.

When media sources reached out to Salesforce for comments, a spokesperson for the company denied to comment on the topic.