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Kamala’s Team Abandons Her


There is too much toxicity in the White House.

Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t been fitting in well in the Biden Administration and as a result her staffers and aides have to pay the price by dealing with a toxic and unhinged Vice President.

Now it appears that Vice President Kamala Harris’ eleventh aide is departing from the White House.

According to Fox, Kamala’s deputy chief of staff Michael Fuchs just announced his resignation via an internal memo.


Fuchs wrote, “It’s been the honor of a lifetime to serve in this administration, working for the Vice President and President on behalf of the American people. Fifteen months later, it’s almost difficult to recall the magnitude of the challenges we faced when we came in, from an unprecedented pandemic to historically difficult economic circumstances. And it is thanks to the work of this administration – and all of you – that our country has had such success in tackling these challenges and turning things around.”

Questions are rising now. Why are so many people quitting their jobs in the White House when these roles have been considered prestigious jobs in the past? It has been well reported by a number of media sources that Vice President Kamala Harris has created a very toxic work place for her team and often even puts blame on them.

Fuchs resignation comes after many top name officials also quit the White House including: former deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh, former chief spokesperson Symone Sanders, former deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs Vincent Evans, former director of Harris’ press operations Peter Velz, former vice presidential national security adviser Amb. Nancy McEldowney, and former director of speechwriting Kate Childs Graham.