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Supreme Court Screws Over Police


Here is what just happened…

Today, the Supreme Court has just made it easier to sue police and the government for malicious prosecution after charges have been dropped.

According to NBC, in a new 6-3 ruling, the court has deemed that in order to sue, a defendant does not need to be found guilty by a judge or jury and prosecutors do not have to say that they wrongly filed charges. It’s enough, the court said, if the charges are simply dismissed.


Justice Brett Kavanaugh explained, “The question of whether a criminal defendant was wrongly charged does not logically depend on whether the prosecutor or court explained why the prosecution was dismissed.”

The new ruling came in after Brooklyn man, Larry Thompson, was accused of committing a heinous act against a child. Police rushed to his apartment and barged in without a warrant which Thompson asked for.

It was later discovered that Thompson was completely innocent and the person who told the police what Thompson had allegedly done was suffering from a mental illness.